New videos

Musical Ambassador – Murda Dem Riddin with Irie Ites

Official video February 2024

Ganja Smuggling Live with Irie Ites  

Live with Irie Ites at Skarbowsky Gym in Paris, June 2023

Irie Ites Live Medley at Skarbowsky Gym

Medley Live Mix featuring Eek A Mouse, Junior Roy, Colonel Maxwell, Lion John & Ramses Saï Saï, June 2023

From A Refugee To A Superstar

Official video May 2023

An Original Rude Bwoy

Official video May 2023

Yu Soon Come A Road

With Shawn Storm, official video April 2023

She feels it

Mars 2023

Tell Jesus to call me back

February 2023

Back to School

With Pana Dub, November 2022

New Album: Put Food Pon De Ghetto Youths Table 

September 2022: Album with 16 new written songs.  

Mona Eek A

Official video May 2022

Is it because I'm not a Marley

Official Video 2022

Dem Ago Tyad Fi Hear Mi Name

Official Video 2022

Selam Session 

With Joxaren

January 2022


Jamaica 2018

Him badda dan yu

December 2021

Negro With The Whip

November 2021

Roun di world

With Simon Superti. Rudeboy records, video coming soon

August 2021

Dem a parasite

Vp records, video coming soon

Lyrics from the Corona year book

July 2021

Professors on Drugs in Nightclubs

With Joxaren 

Mai 2021


With Joxaren

Official video produced in Sweden 2021

Lyrics from the Corona year book

Put Food On The Ghetto Youth Table 

Official video in collaboration with Irie Ites 2021
Lyrics from the Corona year book

Still smuggling

Vp records, official video 2021

Mosquito Dem A Bite

Vp records, official video 2021

Money Vaccine with Slim Suge

April 2021

Fungi with Folk Music Liberation Front 

Jamaican singjay meets radical electronic folk musician with nyckelharpa in Swedish forest 2020

Crocodile Tears with Dogge Doggelito

August 2020

Calling Dr. Love with Reggae Kiss 

September 2020

Smugglaren with Allywan

October 2020

Mr Government with O.B.F

November 2020

Run Mouse Run with O.B.F

December 2020

Pimpin with Slim Suge

December 2020

Live at Uprising Festival 2019

From Bratislava in Slovakia

Ganja Smuggling with DUB FX

Video from 2018

BBC 1Xtra in Jamaica – Old School Freestyle

Seani B’s Old School Freestyle. With Burro Banton, Eek-a Mouse, Peter Metro & Major Mackeral Freestyle.  

Recorded at Big Yard Studios, February 2016.

Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2006

From prestigious festival in Switzerland