Five Questions in Jamaican Gleaner 

Bang bang billy beng beng bang ding dilly bidi bong bong didi dong dong. Once you hear those almost hypnotically bizarre sounds, it can mean only one thing, Eek! there’s a mouse in the house! And his name is Eek-A-Mouse, the entertainer who for decades has been seamlessly knitting together his outlandish outfits, strange melodies and showstopping performances.

Jamaican Gleaner  

Eek-A-Mouse captures his corona year in Sweden in new book. A quirky collection of poems, songs, essays and on-the-go rambling – some sarcastic, some serious, others bland, and the rest just plain humorous – sums up My Corona Year in Sweden 2020, the first book from reggae singer Eek-A-Mouse.  

Kultur Media

In this special edition of Kultur in August 2021, we have the great honor of being able to connect with one of the living legends of Jamaican music. One of his classy gymnastic word and lyrics. Through  Through a video call, we were able to directly interview him, who is currently staying in one of the Scandinavian countries and has just released a book entitled My Corona Year In Sweden 2020. 


In the 153rd episode of Källarpodden, June 2021: Christoffer and Nisse interview the legendary Eek-A-Mouse! We talk about what he's doing in Delsbo, his upcoming projects, how it was to grow up in Jamaica, horse racing and pandemic creativity.

The Black Thread

A video podcast January, 2021. I the studio the host Abdishakour Mohamed Ali and Dele aka Mr Noon in discussion with interesting guests. Discussion about life, politics, Sweden and everything you didn't know you were interested in. 

Humans of Dalen 
The famous reggae star Eek-A-Mouse (Ripton Hylton) talks about his childhood in Kingston, Jamaica, his friendship with Bob Marley, why he dresses like The Pope and what he likes about living in Dalen.
With the mini reporters Estêr Englund Demir, Rim Mustafa and Aziza Omar Ali. December 2020.

Hemma hos Strage

Eek-A-Mouse is one of the pioneers in Dancehall Reggae with hits like "Ganja Smuggling" and "Wa-do-dem". He's now living in Dalen, a suburb in southern Stockholm. At Strage's he talks about his friend Bob Marley (who called him Bang Ding Ding), Adolf Hitler (whose evil he depicted in a song), boxing, conspiracy theories, police violence and the racing horse he once took his name from. To honor the day, he's dressed as the Pope: "When you see the black smoke, I am the first Black Pope!"

June, 2020

Morgonpasset P3

Bang bang biddy bong bong! Eek-a-Mouse is in our studio with Ison, Vendela and David. How come this living legend of reggae music moved from Jamaica to Dalen, a suburb of Stockholm? 

Swedish Radio August, 2020 

The Flying Jukebox

In this weeks program Patrick Stanelius meet the Reggae Legendar himself, Eek-A-Mouse, who receives us on a balcony in a southern suburb of Stockholm. There will be some nostalgic looking back on hot Kingston nights of sound system and also new acquaintance with some music from northern latitudes for Mr Mouse, or Ripton Hylton which is his real name.

September, 2020

Culture Collective, Nimma talks to 

An interview with the legendary reggae artist Eek a Mouse during the spring of 2020, here in Stockholm after the news of the pandemic had spread across the globe. Eek a Mouse had unfortunatly some shows cancelled due to the situation wich meant that he had some time aside to chat for a bit.

Ras P interview

The Legend EEK-A-MOUSE stops by from Sweden for an exclusive interview with Ras P September 30, 2020 to discuss the old and the new, and to also drop some exclusive new music aired for the first time right here.

New Jack City

Eek-A-Mouse in a film from 1991